Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Tips For Recyclers!

Do You Recycle?

If you have ferrous and non-ferrous items on the same load keep those separated. For fast and efficient service we suggest that you separate various materials by type.

We have a few tips for you!

·      Any items that do or could contain any form of liquid should be drained prior to arrival, with the exception of whole automobiles. You do NOT need to drain any auto fluids.

·      We can NOT accept sealed cylinders (propane, Freon, oxygen, etc.)

·       Large tanks must be rinsed with a 1’ x 1’ opening (restrictions may apply)
·       55 gallon drums are not accepted

·      Machinery or equipment must have all fluids removed prior to delivery-Batteries are accepted but must be separated from machinery.

·      Aluminum cans should be clean and dry (or subject to deductions)

·      Steel cans-food cans must be rinsed (clean) and segregated from other materials

·      Auto or truck rims NOT attached to an automobile must have the tire removed

·      Separating non-ferrous materials by grade will maximize dollar value. (Separate #1 copper from #2 copper or light copper).  Our staff will educate on this technique.

·      Separating insulated wires by grade will maximize dollar value. Our staff will educate on this technique.

·      Non-ferrous materials that are free of steel, other contaminating metallic’s or any other contaminates will maximize dollar value.

·      We encourage customers to ask questions!  Our staff will gladly educate you to maximize your scrap materials dollar value.

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