Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The Foil’s Guarantee!

We Are Here To Help You

Foil’s Incorporated equally appreciates our customers from walk ins to our large industrial accounts.  Our expansive client registry includes national and regional scrap producing manufacturers as well as local individuals and businesses.

Our strong community presence is derived from relationships.  We are committed to our continuing consultative approach to customer service by treating others with unequivocal respect and integrity, while ensuring we thoroughly meet the needs of everyone we connect with in an efficient manner.

Foil’s guarantee to our Customers
Efficiency: Prompt processing & Payment
Integrity: Accurate Weights & Grading
Respect: Consumer & Employee
Competitive: Pricing & Growth
We are committed to customer service excellence

All Inclusive Solutions
Single vendor program implementation
Reduction in waste stream and landfill volume
Reduced cost
Protecting our customers cradle to grave
Guaranteed destruction proof upon request
Customized equipment
Detailed accounting reports

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