Wednesday, September 30, 2015

We Are Here For All of Your Recycling Needs!

Just Bring Us Your Unwanted Material!

Big or small, we will take all of your ferrous and nonferrous recyclable materials off your hands, with no minimum requirements. Just bring your materials by the store and let us unload your scrap for you! For the most quick and efficient service please have your government issued photo ID and the addressee where you physically obtained the material you are selling in hand when you meet our staff.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Car Parts On A Budget

Need a used part for your old car without blowing your budget? Why wait?! Foils Auto Recycling now offers you the ability to pull your own parts. Choose the parts you need on your own time. Check in with our office to receive your instructions and find the parts you need! Not looking to fix your old vehicle? Recycle it and we’ll add it to our stock!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Tips For Recyclers!

Do You Recycle?

If you have ferrous and non-ferrous items on the same load keep those separated. For fast and efficient service we suggest that you separate various materials by type.

We have a few tips for you!

·      Any items that do or could contain any form of liquid should be drained prior to arrival, with the exception of whole automobiles. You do NOT need to drain any auto fluids.

·      We can NOT accept sealed cylinders (propane, Freon, oxygen, etc.)

·       Large tanks must be rinsed with a 1’ x 1’ opening (restrictions may apply)
·       55 gallon drums are not accepted

·      Machinery or equipment must have all fluids removed prior to delivery-Batteries are accepted but must be separated from machinery.

·      Aluminum cans should be clean and dry (or subject to deductions)

·      Steel cans-food cans must be rinsed (clean) and segregated from other materials

·      Auto or truck rims NOT attached to an automobile must have the tire removed

·      Separating non-ferrous materials by grade will maximize dollar value. (Separate #1 copper from #2 copper or light copper).  Our staff will educate on this technique.

·      Separating insulated wires by grade will maximize dollar value. Our staff will educate on this technique.

·      Non-ferrous materials that are free of steel, other contaminating metallic’s or any other contaminates will maximize dollar value.

·      We encourage customers to ask questions!  Our staff will gladly educate you to maximize your scrap materials dollar value.

Friday, September 18, 2015

We Buy Metal For Cash!

Do You Have Unused Metal?

Do you have soda cans sitting around your house? Do you have a car that you have no plans on fixing and just need to get rid of it? We buy your unwanted materials. We buy copper (bare and insulated), brass, stainless steel (alloy), aluminum (All types including beverage cans), batteries, steel, appliances cast Iron, and automobiles. If you have any of the above we will pay you for your unwanted materials!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

OH! The Steel!

New and Used Steel
Looking for new steel? We have that. Looking for used steel? We have that too. We are your one stop shop for new and used steel. We can make steel to customize your needs or maybe we have something on hand that is perfect piece to complete that project you are working on.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

We Are Committed to Customer Service

Residential or Commercial Recycling Needs We Got You Covered!

Foil’s Incorporated equally appreciates our customers from walk-ins to our large industrial accounts.  Our expansive client registry includes national and regional scrap producing manufacturers as well as local individuals and businesses.

Our strong community presence is derived from relationships.  We are committed to our continuing consultative approach to customer service by treating others with unequivocal respect and integrity, while ensuring we thoroughly meet the needs of everyone we connect with in an efficient manner.

Foil’s guarantee to our Customers
Efficiency: Prompt processing & Payment
Integrity: Accurate Weights & Grading
Respect: Consumer & Employee
Competitive: Pricing & Growth
We are committed to customer service excellence

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Our Scrap Yards

The Best Price, The Best Service, The Best Recycling!

Our locations are open for the general public’s recycling needs no matter how large or small. We have no minimum requirements for recycling!

We welcome recycle's/collectors, businesses small or large, manufactures and individual. We encourage anyone who has access to qualified ferrous and/or nonferrous scrap materials to recycle.

Friday, September 4, 2015

A Little Bit About Us

We Would Like To Get To Know You

Foils Inc. has been a family owned business for 100 years, serving the Carolina's since its establishment in 1913 by the late Charles H. Foil. After relocating in 1971 from Concord to a 17 acre facility in Harrisburg on Highway 49, great growth has been experienced. Where tonnage was in the hundreds in the early period, it is now in the thousands due to the most modern equipment and technology including baling, shearing and most recently shredding. Foil’s Inc. has continued with its rich heritage under the leadership of its fourth generation and in keeping with our commitment to growth, productivity and protecting the environment opened an auto recycling center in 2008 and a second recycling yard in Salisbury in 2011.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Our New Site Is LIVE!

Come Check Out Our New Website!

Need a place to recycle your unwanted metal? Need to buy metal? Need Auto Parts? Do you have something you just do not want anymore? You can find it all on our new site!